Google Faces Third Lawsuit In The US, 38 States Raise Objection To Its Search Engine Monopoly

Google has faced as many as three lawsuits in the last two months. This lawsuit has been filed by 38 US States and territories over search engine dominance.

Tanvi Dhote

December 19, 2020

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Google has found itself in hot waters once again. The search company has been hit with a third lawsuit in the US. This lawsuit has been filed against Google over search dominance. Find out more details about this lawsuit filed against Google here.

Google is facing a major lawsuit in the US. This is the trillion-dollar company’s third lawsuit in the last two months. Google is facing this compiled lawsuit from the law attorneys of 38 US States and territories. This lawsuit is an antitrust lawsuit against the company over search engine dominance.

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This lawsuit alleges that the search engine has an illegal monopoly over the online market. This alleged monopoly hurts consumers and advertisers. According to this lawsuit, Google’s dominance over the search engine harms its competitors in the market. Google allegedly favours its own services over other companies.

Furthermore, Google has allegedly made itself a default search engine not only in web browsers but also smartphones. Moreover, this default search engine claim has also been found in newer search engine-based technologies like smart speakers.

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Phil Weiser, Colorado’s Attorney General also mentioned the same in a video call with other attorney generals. According to Attorney General Weiser, Google has deprived other companies to survive in the market by signing exclusive deals with other companies. This further helps the company to allegedly monopolise the market and kill healthy competition.

In this video call, Attorney General Weiser also mentioned how Google has taken over smartphones and web browsers. The company has also taken control over cars, smart speakers, and even smart TVs. The Colorado Attorney General’s lawsuit was filed in Washington’s federal court. Other states in this lawsuit are Arizona, New York, North Carolina, and many others.

On the other hand, the State of Texas filed a separate lawsuit against the trillion-dollar company. The State’s lawsuit is being supported by nine other states. This lawsuit will focus on Google’s online technology in the advertising industry. If the states end up winning the lawsuits it could affect Google’s functioning and may alter several longstanding policies. It will also alter their relationship with other companies and partners.

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