Good Looks Apart, Let Namma Shivanna Impress You With His Best Scenes In The Villain!

Parinika Uchil

May 17, 2019


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1. The heavy intro!

Source: Youtube

Hat-trick Star Shivarajkumar who plays the character of Raamappa in the Prem directorial The Villain has done a fabulous job portraying an influential person. When he is introduced in the film, his powerful persona is seen through the way miscreants flea from him. Of course, the rest can be seen in the song Tick Tick Tick Tick. If you want to see Shivanna shake a leg, there’s your chance!

Watch this multistarrer film here:

2. The parkour trail

The Parkour Chase Between Raamappa And Some Goons

After a long time, fans have seen Shivarajkumar in a parkour-like chase scene and every second is worth it. You will be at the edge of your seat when you see Shivanna chasing the goons via rooftops and narrow-alleys!!

3. When Raamappa stole Alex

Raamappa Steals Alex To Get Ram's Attention

Kiccha aka The International Don’s right-hand, Alex, is stolen from him by the daring Raamappa, who wants to get his foster brother’s attention. Shivanna’s splendid action sequence and dialogues that follow afterwards are worth the watch!

4. The phone conversation between Annayya and Thammayya

The Conversation Between Annayya And Thamayya Is Superb

In a busy crowded street, Raamappa openly challenges Ram aka The International Don, to find him if he can. These two mega stars have shared brilliant chemistry onscreen. Watch this scene to know what I mean.

5. Bolo Bolo Raamappa

Source: Youtube

I know I said best scenes but this song is a collection of awesome scenes. Why? Because it sees not one not two but 6 famous actresses from the Kannada industry including Shanvi Srivastava and Rachita Ram in a cameo appearance!! All of their chemistry with Shivanna was bang on!

6. The final countdown

An Emotional Ram In The Climax Scene

In the climax, Raamappa unites two people very dear to him and ultimately becomes the hero who saves the day.  While the film itself had more than one parallel, it was easy to classify the best scenes of Namma Shivanna because of his experience and talent alone!

All Shivanna fans can give a shout out to him in the space below and also mention your favourite scene of the Hat-trick star!

You can now stream the Century star’s blockbuster film Mufti on ZEE5!

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