Ghislaine Maxwell Has Secret Sex Tapes Of Jeffrey Epstein And His Rich Friends

After getting arrested under sex trafficking charges, Ghislaine Maxwell says that she will use sex tapes and images to leverage her way out of trouble.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 8, 2020

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Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has secret sex tapes of Jeffery Epstein and his rich friends involving underage girls. Sources also claim that a lot of nude images and CDs were found from Maxwell’s hideout when she was nabbed. Maxwell was arrested under the charges of sex trafficking. She and sex offender Epstein have been connected to some of the most influential people around the world which include Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, and even current US President Donald Trump.  Maxwell also said that she could use them as leverage to get herself out of trouble.

Many of the victims claim that they had registered their complaints, but the authorities did not provide enough support. This has led to a re-investigation of the matter once again. Alicia Arden, who was one of Epstein’s first known accusers, has also sent an official letter to the Los Angeles County District Attorney and the Santa Monica Police Chief regarding the probe.

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