Genes: These 3 Clips From Priya Raman’s Game Show Will Make You Laugh Insanely

Are you in a mood to go on a laugh riot? If yes then check out Genes, a unique game show hosted by Priya Raman, Scroll down for more details.


June 2, 2020


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It has been over two months since we all are inside our homes, but it’s a bit strange to get used to this new kind of new normal. While this lockdown has made people either master chefs or musicians or fitness enthusiasts; there are some trying to cope with it by engaging themselves in fun indoor games. And if you too are looking for ways to kill time during this quarantine season, you can check out this fun game show titled Genes, that is currently streaming on ZEE5.

Watch the latest episode of Priya Raman’s Genes:

Genes is hosted by Priya Raman, where the celebrities are invited to play a fun game. The show consists of interesting rounds, where the celebrity guests are given tasks such as identifying the relationship between a group of people invited on the show, considering their genetic resemblance, etc. We can definitely assure you that the episodes will leave you in splits. And if you don’t believe us, you can check out the following videos and decide for yourself.

Check Out the Videos Here:


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Oh My Kadavule actors Ashok Selvan and Vani Bhojan enter the show as the celebrity guests. Judging by this video, Ashok Selvan seems to know his Oh, My Kadavule co-star, Ritika Singh pretty well. In one of the rounds, Priya Raman shows them a childhood picture of an actress and asks them to guess who she is. Before Priya could give them the option, Ashok declares that it is Ritika’s childhood pictures. When asked about how he guessed the answer correct, he and Vani together respond by saying, “Andha Smile Apadiye Iruku (The smile is just the same even now).”


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In this video, we see Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2’s contestants Saravedi Saran, Arul Prakasam and Aishwarya visited the sets of Genes, Season 3 as celebrity guests. While Saravedi and Arul can be seen making everyone laugh with their antics, Priya Raman notices that Aishwarya has been quiet. So, they make her croon a song on the sets. Also, you will see Arun’s smartness, when he guesses one of the answers right.


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In this clip, we see Kollywood’s favourite star Jeyam Ravi enter the game show along with his Comali co-star Samyuktha Hegde. In this round of the game, Jeyam Ravi smartly guesses the answer by looking at the resemblance of child and the mother, while Samyuktha is taken for a ride by the host Priya Raman. The kids also participated in this round and have a ball. After guessing the right answer, Jayam Ravi also shakes a leg with the child’s family. You can now watch the full episode on ZEE5.

So, did you have a good laugh watching these clips from the Priya Raman-hosted game show Genes?

You can watch full episodes on the platform. Also, let us know which is your favourite episode in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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