Geeta-Lucky’s Relationship From Bramhagantu Is A Perfect Example Of How Opposites Attract!

Geetha and Lucky are as different as chalk and cheese but they prove that opposites attract. Read on to find out more


April 20, 2020

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Bramhagantu, starring  Bharath Bopanna (as Lucky) and Geetha Bharathi Bhat (as Geetha), revolves around Lucky, a fit and healthy kabaddi player and Geetha, who is a happy-go-lucky girl that takes things as it comes. However, circumstances lead to the two getting married after which life turns around!  Having said that, here’s why the two share an ideal relationship.

Geetha is a fun-loving girl who knows she is overweight but is happy with herself nevertheless. She is kind and helpful and will go to any extent to make others happy. Even though she is constantly taunted about her weight, she eats what she wants to and continues to live her life happily. Things change around for Lucky and Geetha when they get married. Lucky, who is well-built and health-conscious, is repelled by Geetha’s presence initially. However, as time passes, the two grow with their relationship.

Lucky And Geetha Both Blush To The Romantic Mood Of Goa
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While Geeta falls head over heels for him right from the start, Lucky takes time to see the real Geetha and understand her too. He is short-tempered and creates a distance between them from the very beginning. Geetha, on the other hand, is patient and friendly with him. She takes care of all his needs when it comes to his work, and at home as well. However, it is these aspects that bring them even closer. It is also discovered that Geetha undergoes surgery so that she can never have children again. When Lucky develops feelings for her, her discomfort in his romantic advances makes the story all the more interesting.

The two strike a perfect balance in every manner given their ability to accept the differences in each other’s personalities and still love each other in spite of them.

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