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Geet Dholi 22 September 2022 Upcoming Story: Kammo’s strange remark


September 22, 2022

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Despite being granted a factory to restore Kammo’s lost pride, Kammo takes joy in the troubles waiting to consume the Mehra House. Will a new storm shake the footing of the Mehra House?

In the next episode, Jasleen recalls somebody during the Navratri preparations and JK snaps her out of her thoughts. Kammo asks Jasleen if she is worried about the storm waiting to engulf the Mehra House. A concerned Jasleen questions Kammo about the strange remark.

In the last episode of Geet Dholi, JK gets upset and reminds Geet that she has no say in how he deals with his wealth and business. Geet expresses her wish to leave the Mehra House for good if JK does not let go of his factory. Just then, Avtar Kishan arrives with the show’s executive producer, Deepali. Kammo offers to make coffee for the guests and takes the family by surprise. JK tells Avtar Kishan that he wouldn’t spare him if Geet loses the competition. Deepali tells Geet about the introduction video of the show and shows her some western outfits for the shoot. Geet dismisses the western clothing and expresses her wish to wear traditional attire for the shoot with her family. JK tells Malhar that he is willing to give the factory away to Prashant and expresses his wish for Geet to honour her word by giving the factory to Kammo with her own hand.

Diamond expresses his happiness about JK’s decision but Rocky worries about JK’s changing attitude. Diamond tells Geet about JK’s decision but JK continues to act remorseful. Geet does not thank JK for the gesture either. That night, Akash and Tanya tell JK about Rajinder breaking his business ties with the Mehras. Tanya asks JK to keep Geet in the dark about the new business developments out of concern for her competition. Later, Akash expresses his worries about Prashant using the new factory against the Mehras under the influence of Simone’s family. Tanya tells JK about Simone’s plan to ensure Geet’s elimination from the show. Away, Malhar asks Geet to abandon the chores and practice for the competition but gets intimate with her instead.

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