Gautami Deshpande Hits The 80K Mark On Instagram; Here’s Why She Deserves The Followers

The Maza Hoshila Na actress is multi-talented and super active on Instagram. Here’s why she deserves all the followers she gets!

Ankita Tiwari

May 27, 2020


3 min


Maza Hoshil Na’s Gautami Deshpande is currently in seventh heaven owing to her achievement of gaining 80K followers on Instagram! The actress is seen playing Sai in Maza Hoshila Na opposite Virajas Kulkarni, who plays Aditya. In the show, Gautami’s character is privileged and a spoilt brat. She and Aditya are currently friends but it looks like they might be more than that very soon. We are eagerly waiting for the fresh episodes of the show to air post the lockdown! Till then, we take a closer look at Gautami’s social media feat and discuss why the actress truly deserves so many followers.

Watch an episode of Maza Hoshil Na here.

Gautami has increased her following on Instagram by establishing a bond with her fans. She keeps them updated about her whereabouts and entertains them by indulging in various activities.

Gautami Deshpande - Actress From Maza Hoshil Na
Source: Instagram

The actress is known for her various talents including singing and reciting poetry. Her nightingale voice is mesmerising and she keeps her fans entertained by posting singing videos as well as performing live for them. Isn’t she so sweet?

However it is not just Gautami’s talent, but also her attractive personality that would make a person want to follow her. The actress has a photogenic face and looks pretty on camera. She is a pro-poser and if doing the same is awkward for you, she is the person you can learn from. Gautami is also a style buff and her fashion statements woo us and how! If you wish to up your style game, you can definitely replicate some of her outfits. The beauty often uploads gorgeous pictures of her photoshoots on Instagram that you can visit to seek some style tips.

Gautami Deshpande - Actress from Mazha Hoshil Na
Source: Instagram

So no wonder the actress has 80k fans on the popular photo-sharing app, right? Well, you’ve got to earn them and Gautami has done so, without a doubt!

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