Gaurav Chopraa: On Twitter, People Are Out There To Kill Each Other

Gaurav Chopraa was recently seen headlining Zee TV show Aghori. Read on to know what he has to say about the one thing he doesn’t want to see in 2020.

Aayushi Sharma

January 7, 2020


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2019 is far behind us. In retrospect, how different does 2020 seem to you or you want it to be? Gaurav Chopraa, who was recently seen headlining Zee TV supernatural thriller show Aghori, wants to see more of peace in the country. In an exclusive interaction, Gaurav shared with us about that one thing he doesn’t want to carry forward from 2019 to 2020. “I think we have seen a lot of social turmoil in 2019, nationally and internationally. I see a lot of discord and disharmony in society and in the country generally per say. It worries me as a sensitive artist and person. I might be unaffected by it but I am affected in the way it creates a discord.” said the television and web celebrity.

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He further added, “It worries me when I read things on Twitter, people are out there to kill each other. The point is that people are focusing on things that don’t really need so much attention. There are pressing issues and lives to be lived. Every minute you spend typing a response to something on social media, fighting, that time is not going to come back. One hour of your life that won’t come back. A lot of people get carried away with public sentiment. If it really matters to you then why not. So that is something I don’t want to feel in 2019.”

“India as a country and a society just discover a little more harmony in the next decade. The progress and developments will feel a little more pleasureful. Right now they get very scarred. We have made such great advancements and then this is what you see happen. The future doesn’t seem much bright when you read the things that are happening. As a voice who is heard, as an artist, I definitely want to say that we don’t have so much discord and disharmony in the country.” Gaurav asserted.

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