Gattimela Written Update 23 September 2020: Amulya Brings Breakfast For Vedanth

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September 22, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of GattimelaAmulya talks to herself about the feelings that she has for Vedanth. She says that he has done so much for her without even having any knowledge about the feelings that he has for her. She thinks of ways to confess her feelings and wonders why it is such a struggle to do the same. Elsewhere, Vedanth thinks of how life has become so beautiful and that Amulya is the reason why he feels like everything is falling into place.

In this episode, Vedanth is in the office and is thinking of Amulya. He is smiling to himself when Kanta comes in and notices that Vedanth is once again lost in his own thoughts. He brings in the coffee and asks him if he needs anything else. Before he can say anything, Kanta wonders how Amulya brought in such a change within a span of one year. Vedanth notices the same and asks him if he is talking to himself again. When Kanta gives him the coffee, he tastes it and tells him that he has worked with him for five years and he still does not know to make coffee. He also compares is to the coffee that Amulya makes and tells him that she has mastered the art of making coffee.

Kanta and Vedanth

Elsewhere, Amulya and Adya are having a conversation about how it is time for Amulya to confess her feelings to Vedanth. Adya also says that they are all sick of them playing hide and seek with their feelings and that she must tell him the truth before it is too late. Amulya tells her that she will tell him that very day about how she feels for him. She then leaves and takes breakfast for him. She tells him that he must eat as he has not eaten that morning. He also tells her that he has a meeting due to which he will not be able to eat. Amulya gets angry with the fact that he is smiling so much every time he sees and not so much that he did not eat.

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