Gattimela Written Update 14 October 2020: Adya Advices Vikranth About The Money Matter

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October 13, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Kanta walks into Vedanth’s cabin to see that Amulya and Vedanth have lost track of time as they are having a romantic moment while hugging each other. When Kanta brings them back to reality, Vedanth asks him why he came late. Kanta tells him that he is shouting at him when he actually came on time. Vedanth confuses Kanta by telling him that he should not have come to work early. Adithi, on the other hand, wonders why she feels so differently about Druva and why she sees him in slow motion.

In this episode, Amulya and Vedanth pretend to be working when Sarthak and Kanta come into the cabin. Sarthak shouts at Kanta and asks him why he said it was dangerous to come into the cabin when all they were doing is discussing work. Kanta is taken by surprise when he sees the same as he had just seen them being romantic with each other. When Sarthak leaves, Amulya and Vedanth tell him that he cannot outsmart them as they are very smart. In a very light manner they threaten him and tell him not to tell anyone about the fact that they are together. Afraid that he might lose his job, Kanta agrees not to say anything.

Amulya and Vedanth

Elsewhere, Vikranth and Aarthi are still having an argument where he asks her what she needed the money for and why she cannot tell him the reason. He also tells her to get out of his sight which puts Aarthi to tears. As she cannot reveal that it is his own father who needed the money, she is in a fix and wonders what to say as she has upsetted Vicky that much. However, she tells him that he must trust her as she is his wife and will not do anything that causes distress. Furious with her, he tells her not to talk to him. Just then, Adya comes and tells him that the manner in which he is talking to Aarthi is wrong and that he mist patiently talk to her so that he can find out what her reasons are.

Amulya and Vedanth, on the other hand, decide to go to a park.

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