Gattimela Written Update 01 October 2020: Adya Asks Vedanth About Amulya

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September 30, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Manju tells Amulya that he wants help with something. He, then, goes onto saying that since he has retired, he doesn’t have anything else to do, Pari has asked him to clean up a cupboard that has all their old things and books which they have not sorted out in years. He also says that he wants to do the same and surprise her as Pari thinks that he will not be able to do it anytime soon. He asks Amulya for her help and they both decide to clean up that cupboard.

In this episode, Vedanth decides to go and meet Amulya after work. He calls her and tells her to come to the window where she sees him standing. Surprised to see him, she asks him why and how he decided to come to her house while also wondering why he didn’t tell her before coming. Vedanth tells her that he wanted to see and as he had already told her that he will be coming over, he had to keep up to his word. Over the phone, he also signals her that he wants to tell her something but she does not understand. He breaks down what he wants to say while he tells her that he is in love with her and says, “I love you” to her. They both have a romantic moment and Amulya feels extremely happy that they are together.


That night, Suhasini and her husband have an argument after which he gets a threat call about how his family will be harmed. As he is familiar with the caller, he tells him that to leave his family alone. Elsewhere, Vedanth comes back after meeting Amulya and is stopped by Adya and Aarthi. Aarthi asks him his whereabouts as she doubts that he was with Amulya and tells him to tell her the truth. Aarthi, on the other hand, brings up the matter of marriage and asks him if he never wants to get married. He hides the fact that he is in love with Amulya and tells them that he is not interested in getting married.

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