Gattimela Spoiler 16 October 2020: Vedanth Asks Vikranth About Aarthi

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October 14, 2020


2 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya and Vedanth visit the park when Amulya sees a beautiful flower and decides to go and get it for herself. As she comes back, she sees that there is another woman who mistakes Vedanth for her boyfriend but realises when she takes out her phone to take a selfie with him. She also sees that the woman is holding Vedanth’s hand and starts shouting at her to tell her that she will kill her.

In the next episode, Vedanth comes home that night and asks Vikranth where Aarthi is. While no one tells him what has actually happened. Vikranth tells him that Aarthi has gone back to her parents’ house to spend time with them. He tells Vikranth that he cannot believe she has gone back because she recently refused to visit them so that she can take care of Ajji. When Adya decides to tell him the truth, they signal her not to tell him anything. However, Vedanth asks her about it again.

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