Gattimela: Should Sahithya Have Become The Acting MD In Vedanth’s Absence?

Suhasini makes Sahithya take charge of the company until Vedanth returns. Read on to know how Sahithya takes charge!


July 29, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, we see that Vedanth has left for Australia without giving anyone a legitimate reason. While Vikranth, Adya and Sarthak wonder what the reason for the same is, Amulya receives a voice note from him telling her to take care of everyone until he comes back. Adithi and Amulya have a conversation about the same wherein Amulya says that she does not have any sort of expectations form Vedanth anymore.

In this episode, we see how Sahithya has been assigned as the acting MD until Vedanth comes back. When she is questioned by Sarthak and Amulya, she shows a letter that has been signed by Suhasini stating that she will be in control until Vedanth comes back. Amulya is confused and wonders why Vedanth did not make any arrangements in his absence. However, Sahithya tells them that since she is in control, they must keep all their personal problems aside and obey all her orders as she is above them in the office.

Later that day, she calls Sarthak and Amulya into the office and tells them that she will be making all the decisions and that they must come to her before making any move. She also tells her that she has a 40% stake in the company which is why almost half the company is hers. When Kanta questions it, she tells Kanta that he has been fired from the company. Amulya tells her that she cannot fire him as he is Vedanth’s PA and only Vedanth can fire him from the company. When Sahithya retaliates, Amulya tells her that she does not have any knowledge about how the company works and that she must read the rules and regulations before she can fire him. Sahithya becomes furious.

Sahithya shows them the letter
Sahithya shows them the letter

Sarthak and Amulya discuss that Sahithya does not deserve to become the running MD as she is causing more damage in one day that has ever been done. They also wonder why Suhasini did not make Vikranth the running MD instead. Suhasini also calls Sahithya and tells her that she will talk to Vedanth once he is back from Australia and convince him to consider marrying her again. Sahithya says that it will not work out.

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