Gattimela: Sahithya Has Caused Harm To Vedanth’s Company In More Than One Way

Check out how Sahithya has done nothing but cause harm to the company as the running Managing Director.


July 31, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, we see how Sahithya has been assigned as the acting MD until Vedanth comes back. When she is questioned by Sarthak and Amulya, she shows a letter that has been signed by Suhasini stating that she will be in control until Vedanth comes back. Amulya is confused and wonders why Vedanth did not make any arrangements in his absence.

Sahithya has been causing more trouble than expected in the absence of Vedanth. Here are some of the decisions and orders that she has been giving that has created so much damage. Firstly, she calls Amulya into her cabin and asks her to make coffee for her. When she tells her that there is no coffee due to safety issues, she tells Amulya to make lunch for her. Amulya obediently listens to her. Sahithya also tells her that she is not doing any of this to seek revenge but it is only because she is the boss of the company. To that, Amulya says that everyone’s time comes and that Vedanth will be back to fix this problem.

Amulya cooks in the office
Amulya cooks in the office

Meanwhile, another employee volunteers to help Amulya in cooking for Sahithya. Kanta thinks how such problems would not have arisen if Vedanth was at the office. He also feels bad for her when he sees her struggling with the same. Just then, Sahithya comes in and furiously asks the other employee why she would help Amulya and if she had asked for her help. She also says that the necessary action will be taken.

Later that day, the security tells Sahithya that Vedanth’s car has been scratched and he is always so careful about his car. While the security is scared, Sahithya tells him that she will fire him from the job as he has been very irresponsible. Amulya tells her that she cannot take such an extreme step with regard to this matter.

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