Gattimela-Jothe Jotheyali Mahasangama 25 August 2020 Written Update: Arya And Vedanth Organise A Game

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August 25, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, everyone gathers for the pooja to take place. The first people to perform the ritual is Arya and Vedanth who come together for a prosperous year ahead. As they are now a team, they both come together and perform the needful.

In this episode, Vedanth and Arya have decided to have a fun round of games with Amulya, Anu, Adithi, Vikranth, Adya and Sarthak. Once they have performed the rituals, they come to the garden outside and form a circle around which they decide to play the game inspired by Spin The Bottle. Adya is playing the referee wherein she says that she will be the neutral party in the game which means that she will explain the rules and call out any of people if they don’t follow the rules properly. She then explains the rules to each and everyone telling them that they will spin the bottle in the middle of the circle that is formed by them. Depending on whom the bottle is pointing at, that particular person will have to do a dare. Except in this game, they will use a ball and keep passing it until she says stop.

Vedanth imitates Amulya

When Vedanth gets the ball, Adya tells him that he will have to do the dare that she gives him. She then says that just the way Anu imitated her boss Arya, Vedanth must imitate his subordinate Amulya. As he does not want to do it, he tries to bribe Adya and tell her to give him anything else to do. Adya refuses and forces him to imitate. Not realising that he has begun to talk and act like her, Sarthak says he does not even need to do anything as he already talks like her. Amulya also says that there is no one who can imitate her and act like her as she is an original piece. Just then. Vedanth begins to emphasise on the way Amulya talks and calls himself ‘Rowdy Baby’ the way she does. Adya looks at Amulya in a naughty way to make her understand how well Vedanth knows her.

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