Gattimela: Here’s What Vedanth Should Have Done Before Leaving For Australia

Here are some of the things Vedanth should have taken care of before he left the city


July 28, 2020


3 min


Vedanth tells Suhasini that he is not interested in marrying Sahithya. He has come to realise that he is in love with Amulya but does not tell his mother about the same. However, he makes it very clear that he does not want to marry her as they are not compatible in any way. Everyone is happy about the same.

In this episode, we see that Vedanth has not only come to the realisation that he is in love with Amulya but he also gets a call from work asking him to travel to Australia. Before he can tell Amulya how he feels with regard to her, he takes off to complete the work. However, he does not tell Vikranth or Adya the actual reason. Elsewhere, Druva, Anju and Amulya help Pari with cooking the first batch of pizzas before she starts her business. They all taste the pizzas and decide to move further with the same.

Pari moves forward with her business
Pari moves forward with her business

As for Sahithya, she decides not to give up on her marriage with Vedanth, which is why he should have first told Amulya that he has finally discovered that he is in love with her so that Sahithya has no chance of manipulating the situation in his absence. As she has been waiting for him to confess his feelings, it would have been ideal for him to tell her that Sahithya is not the right person for him. Nevertheless, Sarthak and Adya call her and tell her that Vedanth has refused to marry Sahithya but did not mention anything about having feelings for her. They also tell her that he is planning on confessing his feelings anytime soon.

As for his company, Vedanth should have assigned someone like Amulya or Sarthak or even Vikranth so that Suhasini does not handover the responsibility of looking after the company to Sahithya who has a great chance of seeking vengeance using a professional excuse.

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