Gattimela: Amulya Tells Adithi That She Has No Expectations From Vedanth

Why does Adithi say that to Amulya about Vedanth! Read on to know the details.


July 28, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, we see that Vedanth has not only come to the realisation that he is in love with Amulya but he also gets a call from work asking him to travel to Australia. Before he can tell Amulya how he feels with regard to her, he takes off to complete the work. However, he does not tell Vikranth or Adya the actual reason. Elsewhere, Druva, Anju and Amulya help Pari with cooking the first batch of pizzas before she starts her business.

In this episode, we see that Vedanth has left to Australia without giving anyone a legitimate reason. While Vikranth, Adya and Sarthak wonder what the reason for the same is, Amulya receives a voice note from him telling her to take care of everyone until he comes back. Adithi and Amulya have a conversation about the same wherein Amulya says that she does not have any sort of expectations form Vedanth anymore. She adds that the moment she expects anything, she will be hurt and so it is better for her to accept that she is in love and not expect anything in return from him. With regard to the same, Adithi tells her that she must always have hope. She also adds that if Sarthak has told Amulya that Vedanth has broken off his marriage with Sahithya because he is in love with Amulya.

Sahithya and Amulya

The next day, things turn around when Suhasini sends Sahithya to the office to be the running Managing Director of the Vasishta company in Vedanth’s absence. When Amulya comes to the office, the receptionist tells her that Sahithya will be in charge of all the decisions that have to be made until Vedanth comes back to the office.

Meanwhile, Adithi also tells Amulya that she was expecting Vedanth to confess his love to Amulya over a voice note. However, Amulya says that he only cares about his family and professional life and does not care about anything else. To that, Adithi excitedly tells her that Vedanth is very romantic and will surely bring something from Australia before he can confess his love for her. The two have a small argument as to what Vedanth will actually do!

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