Gattimela 9 September 2021 Written Update: Kishan fails to kill Dhruva

Vikrant arrives in the nick of time and foils Kishan’s plan to kill Dhruva.


September 8, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, as per Suhasini’s order, Kishan, pretending to be Dhruva’s well-wisher, calls him for a meeting to hand over evidence against Suhasini. Elsewhere, Aarati’s suggestion of postponing the wedding shocks Amulya. On learning about Dhruva having gone to meet Mr X, Vikrant rushes to save Dhruva’s life.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vedanth teases Amulya about her long conversations with Aarati. Meanwhile, Amulya wonders what’s bothering Aarati and the reason behind her strange behaviour. Seeing her distracted, Vedanth asks her about her discussion with Aarati. Amulya rebukes him for mumbling silently and questions him for sitting down without her permission. When she addresses herself as Amulya Vedanth Vasistha, Vedanth tells her that is not her name, which shocks Amulya.

Amulya questions Vedanth about his words. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to change her name after their marriage and continue to use her father’s name instead. Vedanth talks about how Manjunath worked hard throughout his life to give her a good education and make her self-sufficient.

Amulya gets emotional by Vedanth’s words when he continues to praise Manjunath. He then tries to cheer her up when she is unable to stop her tears. Later, an emotional Amulya hugs him. On Vaijayanti’s order, Aarati gives ‘Arshana Kumkum’ to Amulya. Later, Aarati is unable to stop thinking about the priest’s warning while interacting with Amulya.

Elsewhere, at the park, Dhruva searches for the mysterious caller, while Kishan watches him from afar and signals the sniper to kill him. Dhruva wonders what proof the caller would have against Suhasini. Kishan gets irritated when the sniper faces problems with his rifle, due to which he misses out on shooting Dhruva.

Vikrant rushes to the park where Dhruva is and calls him. He notices the sniper and asks Dhruva to duck at the earliest, thus saving his life. He gets worried when their call gets disconnected. Kishan watches as Dhruva runs away and gets frustrated about the failure of his plan and is surprised at seeing Vikrant and orders his sniper to leave the scene at the earliest.

Vikrant gets emotional at seeing Dhruva rushing towards him and checks him for injuries. Dhruva wonders the reason behind the attack. Vikrant tells him that someone was trying to kill him, just like someone had tried to kill him in the past. Dhruva wonders who might be interested in killing them and Vikrant shares his suspicions about Suhasini being responsible for the same.

Suhasini is shocked when Kishan tells her about the failure of their plan due to Vikrant’s sudden arrival. Kishan reassures her that he will surely kill him, but will wait for the right time. Vikrant tells Dhruva how he met with Mr X who told him that Sridhar and Suhasini are not Vedanth’s parents and before he could reveal the same to Vedanth, someone ran over him with a car. Dhruva is surprised by Vikrant’s words about Suhasini. Later, Vikrant is shocked when Dhruva reveals that Suhasini is not their birth mother.

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