Gattimela 9 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Kishan tries to kill Dhruva

As per Suhasini’s instructions, Kishan lures Dhruva to a park wherein he tries to kill him.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth talks to Amulya about how her parents have worked hard throughout their life to get her a good education and help her be self-sufficient. He tells her how her parents gave her the education of how to treat a person, making her a person with whom people like to interact.

A worried Vikrant reaches the park where Dhruva is and tries to call him. While he tries to reach Dhruva, he notices the sniper and his aim. Will Kishan succeed in his plan to kill Dhruva or can Vikrant save his brother from danger?

In the previous episode, we saw Suhasini agree to pay Kishan more money if he kills Dhruva before destroying Vedanth’s life. Based on this, Kishan, pretending to be a well-wisher, calls Dhruva and asks him to meet him as he has proof which will help him prove Suhasini’s deceit in front of Vedanth.

Meanwhile, Aarati’s strange behaviour continues to worry Vikrant. Furthermore, he learns from Aarati about Dhruva having gone to a park to meet Mr X, which reminds Vikrant of his accident and he rushes to the park assuming that Dhruva’s life is in danger.

We also saw, Amulya arriving at Vedanth’s house to meet Aarati and the latter’s strange behaviour leaving her surprised. Amulya was left speechless when Aarati talks about postponing her wedding.

Elsewhere, Dhruva reaches the park suggested by the mysterious caller, unaware that Kishan has hired a sniper to kill him.

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