Gattimela 9 April 2021 Written Update: Amulya looks after a drunken Vedanth

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April 8, 2021



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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth shares his fear of losing Amulya with Sarthak. A drunk Vedanth reaches Amulya’s house and starts pelting stones at her window. Later, she takes Vedanth on a bike ride, away from their house.

Watch what will happen next on Gattimela:

In the next episode of Gattimela, Amulya rebukes Vedanth for hitting her with a stone. She gets confused when he remains adamant about not having consumed alcohol. Furthermore, she rebukes him for coming to her house in such a state. A drunken Vedanth asks Amulya if she will ever leave him, leaving her confused.

Elsewhere, drunken Vikrant and Kanta lose their way while searching for Vedanth. Vikrant tells Kanta about the problems that might arise if Vedanth goes to Amulya’s house in an inebriated state. Elsewhere, Vedanth feels elated when Amulya expresses her love for him and states that she will never leave him. Vedanth’s drunken ramblings about his love for Amulya surprises her. Furthermore, Amulya thinks about how to get Vedanth back to his senses.

Amulya takes care of Vedanth similar to how he had taken care of her when she had consumed alcohol in the past. Elsewhere, Vikrant and Kanta get into trouble, but Sarthak saves them. They reach the location where Amulya and Vedanth are. Later, Amulya rebukes Vikrant and Kanta for getting Vedanth drunk.

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