Gattimela 8 September 2021 Written Update: Aarati decides to postpone Amulya’s wedding

Worried about the problems that Amulya’s wedding to Vedanth will cause, Aarati decides to get them to postpone their wedding.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini learns how Dhruva stole her money and decides to kill him to solve her problems. Elsewhere, Vikrant finds a photograph of Vedanth’s childhood wherein he notices another woman in the photograph and starts suspecting that Vedanth may not be Suhasini’s son. Later, Aarati’s words about postponing Vedanth and Amulya’s wedding surprise Vikrant.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Amulya calls Vedanth and mimics Manjunath. He teases Amulya and tells her that he will teach her a lesson when they meet in the office. Amulya asks him to wait at his house, as she will be visiting him so that she can show him and Aarati the wedding locations shown chosen by Manjunath. Amulya blushes when Vedanth demands that she kiss him.

Suhasini calls Kishan and tells him that Dhruva is the root cause of their problem and asks him to kill Dhruva at the earliest, before destroying Vedanth. She tells Kishan that she will pay him double if he successfully kills Dhruva and talks about how she will kill the people who oppose her. Commenting on Suhasini’s behaviour, Kishan agrees to kill Dhruva.

Kishan, pretending to be Dhruva’s well-wisher calls him and congratulates him for defeating Suhasini and returning to his house. Dhruva is surprised when the caller tells him that he has proof against Suhasini that will help him prove Suhasini’s deceit in front of Vedanth. Later, Dhruva decides to meet this stranger to collate proof against Suhasini. He dashes into Aarati who questions him about where he is rushing off to.

Aarati worries about the priest’s warning and how Amulya will be the root cause of all the problems. She decides to find a solution for this problem and thinks about convincing Amulya or Vedanth to postpone or cancel the wedding and wonders if they will accept the reason behind her suggesting so. Vikrant is surprised by Aarati’s sudden outburst and asks her about what is bothering her. Aarati tries to avoid answering Vikrant’s questions.

Vikrant is shocked when Aarati tells him about Dhruva having gone to meet Mr X which reminds him of his accident and he gets worried for Dhruva’s safety and rushes to meet him. Dhruva reaches the park suggested by the mysterious caller and waits for his arrival. Meanwhile, the sniper arranged by Kishan takes aim at Dhruva.

Elsewhere, Vedanth praises Amulya for being punctual for the first time. She asks him to wait for her while she goes to visit Aarati. Furthermore, Aarati’s strange behaviour surprises Amulya. Aarati talks about wedding expenses and postponing her wedding but Amulya’s words about her and Parimala having arranged money for the same surprise her. Amulya gets confused when Aarati still talks about postponing her wedding. Furthermore, Vedanth’s words about how she is not his wife upset Amulya.

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