Gattimela 6 September 2021 Written Update: Suhasini worries as her money goes missing

Suhasini gets worried when her hidden money gets stolen, unaware that one of her family members took it to teach her a lesson.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, when Suhasini badgers Kishan the latter threatens her and blackmails her in turn for keeping her misdeeds a secret. Dhruva learns about the place where Suhasini hides the money she stole from Vedanth’s company. Later, Amulya is shocked when Kishan saves Adya’s life. Unaware of Kishan’s actions, Vedanth thrashes him for touching Adya.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Adya asks Vedanth to not give Kishan a second thought and tells him her point of view that Kishan might have changed after being in prison for some time. Vedanth refuses to believe this and states that many people refuse to change. Adya tries to reason with Vedanth stating that if Kishan hadn’t changed then he would have tried to take revenge on them.

Vedanth tries to explain to Adya and Amulya that it is not a mere coincidence that they run into Kishan everyone time they are in trouble. He voices his suspicions that Kishan is plotting something major against them, but Amulya refutes his claims by asking what Kishan will gain by helping them. Vedanth reprimands Adya and Amulya for easily believing Kishan. Amulya urges Vedanth to change his outlook towards Kishan and not try to fight him whenever they meet. Adya seconds Amulya and requests Vedanth to follow what Amulya said, which he reluctantly agrees to.

Dhruva sneaks into Suhasini’s room to search for the money hidden by her. He finds the hidden key and goes into the room where Suhasini has kept the money. He vows to take revenge on Suhasini for ousting him from the house and to reveal her truth in front of the family. He takes the money hidden in Suhasini’s room with him and decides to take back every penny that Suhasini stole from Vedanth. A frustrated Suhasini comes to her room and decides to pay off Kishan at the earliest and stop Amulya and Vedanth’s wedding. Furthermore, she is shocked when she finds the money to be missing from the cupboard and gets worried.

Aarati visits a priest after finding his details in a newspaper to seek guidance to resolve her worries. She tells the priest about all the ill omens she encountered in her house and her conversation with a priest about Amulya bringing bad luck to her family. She is shocked when the new priest confirms what Suhasini’s priest told her.

When Amulya returns home, Adithi questions her about her whereabouts. Furthermore, they argue about the same. Irritated by their argument, Parimala reprimands them. When Parimala talks about Amulya’s impending wedding and moving into a new house, away from them, Adithi starts to get emotional. Later, Amulya tries to console an emotional Adithi and tries to cheer her up.

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