Gattimela 6 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Amulya starts to believe Kishan

While Amulya starts to believe Kishan, will her changed outlook create a rift between her and Vedanth?

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth refuses to believe that Kishan has changed and believes that he is up to something. When Adya questions Vedanth about his assessment, he tells her that if it would have been a coincidence, they would have come across him once or twice while they were in trouble and not at every turn when they face a problem.

Amulya, too, starts to believe that Kishan has changed and asks Vedanth how will it be profitable for Kishan to help them out. Vedanth reprimands Adya and Amulya for believing Kishan so easily and refuses to listen to their reasoning.

Will Amulya’s changed outlook towards Kishan create a problem in her relationship with Vedanth?

In the previous episode, we saw Kishan save Adya from meeting with an accident. Unaware of this, Vedanth thrashes Kishan for talking to Adya and is later shocked when Amulya reveals about Kishan’s action.

We also saw a frustrated Suhasini badgering Kishan to be quick with his planning, to which he lashes out at her. He later blackmails her and demands INR 30 lakh in exchange for keeping her misdeeds hidden from Vedanth, putting Suhasini in a fix. She curses him for putting her in such a situation and thinks about the money that she will have to withdraw to meet his demands. Later, Dhruva learns about the place where Suhasini hides the money that she stole from Vedanth’s company.

While Adithi gets her hands on Parimala’s medical reports, the latter lies to her and diverts her attention from the same. Feeling guilty about lying, Parimala decides to reveal the truth to Manjunath after Amulya’s wedding.

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