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Gattimela 31 May 2022 Written Update: Amulya decides to rejoin the office


June 3, 2022

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Amulya decides to rejoin the office when Aarati asks her to do so by stating that with everyone staying home, Vedanth will be overburdened with the office work.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Kanta complains to Vikrant about Vedanth foul mood. Elsewhere, Adithi gets nervous when Parimala questions her when she overhears Adithi talking about love.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vikrant and Vedanth approach Amulya and Vedanth asks Amulya to rejoin the office. Amulya refuses to rejoin by stating that she needs to stay home to look after a pregnant Aarati. Amulya is then surprised when Aarati herself asks her to resume work and talks about how Vedanth must be burdened with work as everyone is staying home. Vaidehi too supports Aarati’s words by offering to look after Aarati and asks Amulya to concentrate on work and Amulya reluctantly agrees to rejoin the office.

Elsewhere, Parimala gets startled by a nightmare about someone trying to harm Aarati and her unborn child. Adithi tries to reassure Parimala when she tells her about her nightmare. Elsewhere, Suhasini sneaks into Aarati’s room and talks about how she doesn’t want anyone in her family to get pregnant because then Vedanth will hand over the whole property to Aarati’s child. Suhasini then vows to take her time to harm Aarati’s child. Meanwhile, Vedanth approaches Amulya who is lost deep in thought. Amulya then tells Vedanth about her decision to not drive a car as is unable to get over the recent incident.

Manjunath is surprised when Parimala calls him and asks him to check on Aarati once. Manjunath checks on Aarati from the window and sends Parimala her picture to ease her worries. Adithi sees Parimala on her phone and teases her. Manjunath mistakenly touches Vikrant’s car and ends up activating the car’s alarm and gets worried when Vikrant wakes up due to the same. The next day, Sarthak reprimands Aarati for rushing down the stairs and asks her to be cautious. Vaidehi overhears Sarthak talking about Adya’s miscarriage and suspects that Suhasini was responsible for it and decides to keep Aarati safe.

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