Gattimela 31 August 2021 Written Update: Vikrant and Vedanth are challenged for a bike race

Vikrant and Vedanth’s fun bike ride takes a drastic turn when they come across a few rude bikers who challenge them for a race.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya and Aarati, wearing bikers’ attire, arrive when Vedanth and Vikrant get ready to leave for their bike ride. and are elated when their partners agree to take them for a bike ride. Dhruva learns about Kishan’s plan involving Parimala’s canteen. Meanwhile, Kishan’s goons arrive at the canteen, pretending to be customers.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, a few bikers look at Vedanth, Vikrant and comment about Amulya and Aarati. A furious Amulya lashes out at the bikers for their words. The bikers retaliate by talking crudely about Amulya. The bikers are surprised when Vedanth warns them and asks them to apologise to him and Amulya. While Amulya wonders about what Vedanth is talking about with the bikers, Vikrant heads towards the bikers. When Vikrant also taunts the bikers, the biker group insults Vedanth and Vikrant and challenges the brothers for a bike race. Vedanth accepts the challenge and tells the bikers that if he and Vikrant win then the bikers will have to do 50 sit-ups, holding their ears, and apologise to Amulya. Later, Amulya is shocked when the bikers state that if they win then Amulya will have to kiss each one of the bikers. When Vedanth and Vikrant turn their backs on the bikers, they taunt them for being cowards. When Vedanth worries about losing the race, Amulya boosts his morale and encourages him to race.

At the canteen, Kishan’s goons start to create a scene and complaint about the food quality. When they continue to insult the food prepared by Parimala, Adithi rebukes them, leaving the goons shocked. One of the goons twists Adithi’s hand and when Manjunath tries to help her, the other goons hurt him. A scared Parimala tries to call Vedanth and Vikrant but is surprised when they don’t answer her calls. One of the goons calls Kishan and asks him to come to the canteen and save Parimala, as per their plan. Later, Kishan rejoices thinking how the act that he set up will help him win Parimala’s trust and get Amulya.

Vedanth and Vikrant gear up for the bike race, while Amulya and Aarati wish them luck. When the race is about to begin, Amulya starts worrying about Vedanth losing the race and prays to God to help Vedanth win. Amulya starts to get nervous when the race begins and Vedanth and one of the biker is neck to neck. Amulya starts to feel happy when she sees that Vedanth has taken the lead after 6 laps but that happiness is short-lived when the bikers start closing in on him.

At Vedanth’s house, Vaijayanti finds Suhasini searching for something and tells her that she has kept that specific item safely. Suhasini gets irritated when Vaijayanti talks about how Suhasini kills the people who oppose her and how Vedanth’s mother’s belongings belong only to Vedanth and his would-be wife, Amulya. When Suhasini lashes out at Vaijayanti, the latter asks her to be ready to leave the house as everything is going against her.

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