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Gattimela 30 November 2021 Written Update: Amulya refuses to let Vedanth leave the house


November 30, 2021

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On being asked by Suhasini, Amulya stops Vedanth from stepping out of the house, unaware of his plans to perform a puja on his parents’ death anniversary.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth recalls the death of his parents when he sees bursting crackers. Meanwhile, Vaidehi misses her children. While playing a game, Amulya asks Dhruva to propose to Adithi.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, during a game of passing the ball, everyone laughs when Adithi trips. Aarati asks Adithi to do a ramp walk and while doing so, Adithi trips and falls on Dhruva. Adya and Vikrant look at each other and talk in gestures about Adithi and Dhruva’s pairing and indirectly tease them. Furthermore, Amulya asks Vikrant to mimic Vedanth, but he refuses to do so. Vikrant decides to teach Dhruva a lesson when Aarati asks him to mimic Suhasini. Everyone is shocked when while mimicking Suhasini, Vikrant talks about how she threatens to kill Dhruva. When Vedanth questions Vikrant about his words, Dhruva comes to his rescue. Later, during the game, Kanta is asked to do a snake dance.

During the game, Aarati refuses to perform any task and asks everyone to return home for dinner. On returning home, Vedanth is unable to stop thinking about Vaijayanti and keeps remembering his parents’ death and wonders how his parents got trapped in a locked burning room. Meanwhile, Vikrant and Dhruva wonder about Vedanth’s strange reaction to crackers. They decide to talk to Amulya about it and get her to question Vedanth about the reason behind the same. Kanta teases Vedanth when he questions him about the preparations for the puja. Kanta pretends to be emotional when Vedanth praises him.

Amulya teases Vedanth when he talks about how missed her. He tries to avoid Amulya as he waits for a call from a priest. Amulya questions Vedanth when he behaves strangely on receiving a call. Suhasini gets irked when her children argue amongst themselves. She decides to use Amulya to stop Vedanth from performing the puja. Vedanth lies to Amulya when he wishes to step out of the house to perform the puja. Amulya refuses to listen to him and stops him from stepping out of the house.

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