Gattimela 3 September 2021 Written Update: Kishan demands money from Suhasini

Kishan demands money from Suhasini to keep her misdeeds hidden from Vedanth, leaving her in a fix.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini rejoices to see Aarati slowly starting to believe the fake priest’s words about Amulya bringing bad luck to Vedanth’s family after their marriage. She calls up Kishan and reprimands him for not being quick with his planning. A furious Kishan decides to teach Suhasini a lesson and decides to use Adya as a pawn in his plan against Vedanth. Elsewhere, Adithi gets her hands on Parimala’s medical records.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vedanth rebukes Adya and Amulya and asks them to quickly select a saree and taunts them about the time they take to buy a single saree. Adya and Amulya explain to Vedanth how they have to think about different aspects before buying something and just can’t go about buying anything in the first go. Vedanth comments about how women take so much time to buy something and forget about it in three days when they get attracted to something new. When the argument about shopping continues, Vedanth suddenly leaves on receiving a call.

Adithi questions Parimala when she stops her from seeing the medical report. Parimala locates Adithi’s notes and gives them to her and tries to deflect when she questions her about the report and her health. Parimala breathes a sigh of relief when Adithi easily believes her lie and feels lucky that Adithi didn’t see the report pertaining to her kidney donation. Unable to lie about it, Parimala thinks of telling Manjunath the truth about her operation but then decides to wait until Amulya’s wedding as she doesn’t want the news of her operation to create problems for her daughter’s wedding.

Suhasini watches as Aarati searches for occult practitioners in the newspaper to try and find a solution for her problems. When Aarati suddenly leaves, Suhasini wonders where Aarati might have gone to, all alone. Suhasini calls Kishan and rebukes him for being lazy. He lashes out at her for her behaviour and warns her. When she continues to be rude to him, he threatens her that he will tell Vedanth about her plan to stop his wedding and demands INR 30 Lakh or else he will leak details about her misdeeds. This leaves Suhasini shocked and she wonders about finding a way out of the mess.

Suhasini counts the money that she has and gets worried about having to withdraw more money to meet Kishan’s demands and curses him for putting her in such a situation. Dhruva watches Suhasini looking at the money and thinks how it is the same money that she stole from Vedanth’s company. When Vaijayanti calls her, Suhasini locks the room where the money is kept and hides the key.

Adya leaves the showroom to search another shop for shopping and Amulya is surprised when she finds Adya suddenly missing. While Adya is busy looking at her phone, while crossing the road, she misses seeing the car coming towards her. Kishan arrives there and pulls her aside by pulling an end of her saree. Amulya sees Kishan and is surprised when Kishan apologises to Adya for touching her. Adya thanks Kishan for saving her life. Kishan’s words about how he too had a sister, reminds Amulya of Sahitya.

Vedanth sees Kishan talking to Adya and hits him. Kishan silently takes Vedanth’s beating while the latter reminds of his warning to stay away from him and his family. Adya tries to stop him, but he refuses to listen to her. Amulya stops Vedanth from hitting Kishan and tells him how Kishan saved Adya’s life. Vedanth is surprised when Adya asks him to believe Kishan’s words. Kishan pretends to feel guilty about his past actions and tries to make Vedanth believe that he is a changed man and asks for another chance to prove the same.

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