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Gattimela 3 June 2022 Upcoming Story: Aarati suddenly faints


June 1, 2022

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Aarati refuses to eat the sweet dish prepared by Amulya and on being questioned she asks Amulya and Vikrant to stop bothering and she suddenly faints.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Amulya makes ‘paysa’ for Aarati and offers to feed her. Amulya is shocked when Aarati refuses to eat it and starts screaming. Vikrant approaches Aarati and questions her about her refusal. Amulya reminds Aarati that the family is performing puja only for Aarati and her unborn child’s well-being and no one wishes to harm them. Aarati voices her frustration and asks others to stop bothering her. Later, Vikrant and Amulya get worried when a stressed-out Aarati suddenly faints.

In the previous episode, we saw Amulya struggle and complete the votive offering of walking on her knees around the temple, 108 times. When her legs are about to give out on standing up, Vedanth rushes to her and offers his support. The priest’s temple performs a puja and gives the ‘prasad’ to Amulya and asks her to use it to prepare a sweet dish to serve to Aarati for her and her unborn child’s wellbeing.

Parimala is surprised when Adithi tells her about her wish to perform the same task as Amulya for the well-being of her friend. Parimala and Manjunath advise Adithi against it, leaving her dejected. Meanwhile, Suhasini stops Vaidehi from revealing the truth to Vaijayanti and the latter is shocked on hearing Suhasini talk nicely about her deceased sister.

We also saw Vaidehi apologise to Suhasini and urge her to not harm her children and in return, she promises to never tell her children the truth about her identity. Later, Suhasini gets irked on seeing Vedanth carrying Amulya in her arms.

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