Gattimela 29 September 2021 Written Update: Manjunath questions Parimala about her medical report

Parimala gets nervous when Manjunath questions her about her medical report and refuses to listen to her reasoning and continues to berate her for her rash decision.


September 28, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Adya overhears Vikrant and Kanta’s plan to sneak alcohol into Vedanth’s bachelor party and decides to teach the men a lesson. For the same, she takes the help of Amulya, Aarati and Adthi and they devise a plan to crash Vedanth’s party.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Kanta mixes soft drinks with alcohol and praises himself for making the alcohol’s taste unrecognisable. Vikrant teases Kanta about the change in his behaviour after taking a sip from the spiked drink. Kanta pours alcohol in a glass and tells everyone to use the same in sips whenever they get done with their drinks.

Vedanth arrives at the party and comments on how they have arranged a boring party with only a few soft drinks, to which Vikrant reminds him about his terms for the party. Vedanth enjoys a plain drink while the others enjoy the drinks mixed by Kanta. Vikrant makes a toast for Vedanth and talks about how the latter has changed after falling in love. Kanta and Sarthak notice Dhruva drinking the alcohol kept by Kanta in a glass. Vikrant understands Kanta’s hints and gets worried about Dhruva. Vikrant tries to stop a drunk Dhruva from talking his heart out and worries about him revealing Suhasini’s misdeeds. Later, Dhruva’s strange words leave Vedanth confused.

Elsewhere, Parimala gets nervous when Manjunath shows her the medical report and questions her about the same. Manjunath rebukes her for donating her kidney without consulting her family and refuses to listen to her reasoning. In order to appease a furious Manjunath, Parimala puts up an act in front of him and lies to him that she has not donated her kidney and that he misread the report.

Amulya, Aarati, Adya, and Adithi dress up as men and pretend to be Income Tax officers. In their disguise, the women crash Vedanth’s bachelor party, and their arrival surprises Vedanth and the others. A disguised Amulya gets uneasy when Vedanth continues to stare at her. Vikrant is surprised when a disguised Aarati asks him where they have hidden the women in their party and expresses his confusion.

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