Gattimela 28 July 2021 Written Update: Amulya plans to reunite Dhruva and Vedanth

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July 27, 2021



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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Girish takes Parimala to a hospital to donate a kidney. Vaijayanti meets Dhruva and praises Amulya for her efforts. Vedanth is stunned when Amulya asks him to drop her and Dhruva at the office.

In the next episode of Gattimela, for everyone’s entertainment, Amulya plays music in the car, which turns out to be a song about family. Vedanth gets irritated when Amulya clicks a selfie picture with Dhruva in the frame and sends the same to Vikrant. At the office, Vikrant and Kanta are elated on viewing the picture and celebrate. Vikrant credits Amulya for all the positive changes in the office.

Vikrant expresses his happiness when Vedanth arrives at the office, but he tells him the real reason behind coming to the office with Dhruva. Even his harsh words do nothing to dampen Vikrant’s joy and he dances with joy. Seeing Vikrant’s behaviour, Vedanth is unable to stop smiling. Amulya talks to Vikrant and Kanta about reuniting Dhruva and Vedanth on Dhruva’s birthday. Dhruva overhears their conversation and asks them to not try to force Vedanth to accept him.

Amulya comes up with a plan to unite Dhruva and Vedanth and Kanta asks her how she plans to execute the same. Vikrant and Vaijayanti put up an act in front of Vedanth. Vaijayanti pretends to have been fasting since morning. She tells Vedanth how she had a nightmare and a priest gave a suggestion for the same. Vedanth is surprised when she asks him to distribute food to poor people in the temple the next day and asks him to promise that he will fulfil her wish. Meanwhile, a worried Suhasini asks Kishan to execute their plan at the earliest.

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