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Gattimela 27 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Vikrant stops Amulya from confronting Suhasini


May 26, 2022

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Amulya grows furious when she overhears Suhasini poisoning Aarati’s mind against her and is left surprised when Vikrant stops her from confronting Suhasini.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Suhasini tries to once again provoke Aarati against Amulya and Amulya is shocked when she overhears Suhasini’s words about how she is trying to kill Aarati’s unborn child and how Aarati should not accompany Amulya alone to any place. Infuriated by Suhasini’s words, Amulya decides to confront her but is surprised when Vikrant stops her from doing so.

In the previous episode, we saw Vikrant reach the temple and meet Amulya. She informs him about Aarati’s almost accident leaving him worried. They then wonder about how the car’s handbrake was disengaged and Vikrant tells Amulya his suspicions about Suhasini and asks her to be more cautious around Suhasini as the latter seems to have changed her tactics against them.

Meanwhile, Kanta keeps Vaidehi busy while Adithi sneaks into Dhruva’s room. Kanta wonders about the secrecy that Adithi is maintaining while trying to meet Dhruva. Adithi feeds Dhruva the sweet dish that she prepared specially for him. On learning about Suhasini and Aarati’s return, Adithi rushes away from Dhruva’s house, but a piece of her clothing remains in Dhruva’s hand and she forgets her tiffin in Dhruva’s room.

We also saw Vikrant and Vedanth rush home to check on Aarati. They are shocked when Aarati accuses Amulya of being jealous of her pregnancy and trying to harm her unborn child. Furthermore, Amulya is devastated when Aarati blames her for all the troubles that have befallen Vedanth’s family after their marriage.

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