Gattimela 26 November 2021 Written Update: Vedanth plans a family outing

Vedanth plans a family outing to his village when Amulya talks about going on a honeymoon, while she remains unaware of his true intentions behind visiting his village.


November 26, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth’s unromantic behaviour irks Amulya. Elsewhere, Suhasini uses Aarati’s fear against her and provokes her against Amulya. Aarati starts to feel inferior when Amulya takes over the household responsibilities with ease.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vedanth watches as Amulya mimics him. Amulya is surprised when she catches Vedanth laughing at her and rebukes her for coming into the room without permission. This reminds them of their initial interactions in their office. Elsewhere, while aimlessly wandering the streets, Vaidehi comes across a newspaper clipping. She is elated when she reads Vedanth’s name in the clipping and learns about his wedding with Amulya.

Vaijayanti looks at Vaidehi’s picture and expresses her plight and wonders if it’s time to start revealing the truth to Vedanth. At that moment, Vedanth arrives in Vaijayanti’s room and notices her crying looking at Vaidehi’s picture. Vedanth expresses his displeasure about the same and talks about how looking at Vaidehi’s picture brings up bad memories. Vaijayanti talks to Vedanth about how Vaidehi’s spirit would wish that he perform puja on her death anniversary.

Suhasini arrives in Vaijayanti’s room and notices an emotional Vaijayanti and Vedanth and Vaidehi’s photo frame. She rebukes Vaijayanti for taking the picture out from its hiding place and for digging up painful memories. Vaijayanti talks to Vaidehi’s picture about how in the past she trusted Suhasini to look after her kids as her own and how it took her too long to realise that Suhasini was responsible for her death. Vaijayanti talks about how she feels helpless as she is unable to reveal Suhasini’s truth in front of everyone. Elsewhere, Sarthak suggests a honeymoon location to Amulya. When Kanta tries to tease Amulya, Vedanth rebukes him. Sarthak and Amulya are surprised when Vedanth refuses to go on honeymoon as he can’t ignore the office work and warns everyone to report to the office on time the next day. Later, everyone is delighted when Vedanth suggests a family outing to their village. Meanwhile, Vaidehi yearns to meet her children and tell them the truth about her survival. She reaches Vedanth’s house and requests the security guard to let her meet Vaijayanti. Later, Vaidehi hides the moment she sees Suhasini heading towards her.

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