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Gattimela 26 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Aarati’s comments shock Vedanth and Vikrant


May 26, 2022

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On returning home, Vikrant and Vedanth are shocked when Aarati passes snide comments about Amulya, accusing her of being jealous and trying to harm her unborn child.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Suhasini comforts a scared Aarati. Vikrant, Amulya and Vedanth rush home to check on Aarati and Vikrant informs Vedanth about Aarati still being scared about the almost accident. When Vedanth tells Aarati to be more careful, Aarati passes a snide comment about Amulya. Later, Vikrant and Vedanth are shocked when Aarati accuses Amulya of being jealous and trying to harm her unborn child because Aarati became pregnant before her.

In the previous episode, we saw Vedanth try to engage the auto driver in a conversation and being left surprised when he refuses to answer him. Frustrated on the lack of proper response, Vedanth chides the driver and demands that he stop the auto. Later, Vedanth is left stunned when he sees that driver is none other than Manjunath and questions him for keeping him in the dark about his job. Manjunath is delighted when Vedanth understands his situation and requests him to not tell Amulya and Aarati about his job.

At the temple, Suhasini meets her goon and gives him a duplicate of Amulya’s car keys. Amulya is shocked when she sees her unmanned car heading towards Aarati. Furthermore, Suhasini and Aarati berate Amulya for not parking the car correctly and for putting Aarati’s life in danger. Later, Amulya wonders how the handbrake in her car got disengaged.

We also saw Adithi calls Kanta and ask her to drop her at Dhruva’s house. Furthermore, Kanta is confused when Adithi asks him to help her sneak into Dhruva’s house. Later, Adithi hides when she sees Vaidehi heading toward her.

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