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Gattimela 25 May 2022 Written Update: Vedanth learns about Manjunath driving an auto


May 27, 2022

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Vedanth is shocked when he realises that the driver of the auto that he had boarded is Manjunath and expresses his disappointment about Manjunath keeping him in the dark about his job.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Adithi cooks Dhruva’s favourite dish. Meanwhile, Suhasini decides to accompany Amulya and Aarati to the temple.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Suhasini gives her hired goon Amulya’s car’s duplicate keys and gives him a task. Meanwhile, Amulya argues with a flower vendor outside the temple. Suhasini watches as Amulya’s car heads towards Aarati. Elsewhere, unaware of the auto driver’s identity, Vedanth tries to engage him in a conversation and asks him to drive fast as he is getting late for a meeting. Vedanth is then surprised when the driver refuses to answer him and asks the driver to stop the auto. Manjunath gets nervous when Vedanth asks him to look at him.

Elsewhere, Kantha meets Adithi and is surprised when she asks him to take her to Vedanth’s house. He reluctantly agrees to do so when she threatens him. Amulya sees the car heading towards Aarati and calls out her name in fear. At that moment, Suhasini arrives and pulls Aarati to the side, and expresses her concern for her. Suhasini then berates Amulya for her carelessness. Elsewhere, Kanta helps Adithi sneak into Vedanth’s house and is surprised when she tells him her plan to meet Dhruva.

Meanwhile, Suhasini tries to comfort a scared Aarati. A furious Aarati refuses to listen to Amulya when she states that she had parked the car correctly, while Suhasini enjoys Aarati berating Amulya. Furthermore, Amulya is shocked when Aarati accuses her of planning to hurt her. Aarati thanks Suhasini for saving her. Amulya checks the car and is surprised to see that the handbrake had been disengaged. Elsewhere, Vedanth is shocked when he realises that the auto driver is none other than Manjunath. Vedanth feels upset when Manjunath states that he had lied to him about his plan to open a new canteen. Later, Manjunath requests Vedanth to not inform Amulya and Aarati about him driving an autorickshaw. At Vedanth’s house, Adithi hides after seeing Vaidehi. Meanwhile, Vaidehi is surprised on seeing Kanta trying to hide his face and asks him how he came inside the house when the main door was locked.

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