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Gattimela 25 May 2022 Upcoming Story: A danger to Aarati’s life


May 26, 2022

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Outside the temple, Amulya gets scared and calls out to Aarati out of fear when she sees that her car, which is unmanned, heading toward an unaware pregnant Aarati.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, at the temple, Amulya is shocked and screams out Aarati’s name when she sees her car heading toward an unaware Aarati.

In the previous episode, we saw Vedanth continue with Amulya’s driving lesson and Amulya rejoice thinking that she has finally learned to drive a car. She gets flustered when Vedanth talks about the number of gears available in the car and she asks him to buy her an automatic car as she finds it difficult to keep changing the car’s gears. Later, Amulya brags about herself when Vedanth praises her for parking the car correctly.

Adithi calls Adya and learns about Dhruva and the other family members’ favourite dishes. Furthermore, Adithi feels shy when Adya praises her and states that she will make a good wife to her husband in the future. The next morning, Adithi prepares Dhruva’s favourite dish and Parimala is surprised on seeing Adithi cooking in the kitchen. On being questioned, Adithi lies to Parimala and Manjunath and leaves them confused with her words about her future life.

We also saw Vedanth praise Amulya’s driving skills in front of the family members. When Amulya talks about going on a drive with Adya and Aarati, the latter gets nervous and refuses to go with her. Vikrant is surprised when Suhasini decides to accompany Amulya for the drive and urges Aarati to join them. Later, Vedanth gets annoyed when his car breaks down. Manjunath gets nervous and hides his face when Vedanth boards his auto.

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