Gattimela 25 June 2021 Written Update: Amulya reaches the engagement venue

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June 25, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikrant, Adya and Sarthak try to arrange for a mode of transport to reach Vedanth’s engagement venue. Finding no other mode of transport, Amulya decides to drive Dhruva’s autorickshaw.

In the next episode of Gattimela, Vedanth gets irritated when Ahalya calls him. He is surprised when she tells him that his engagement will get cancelled, leaving him infuriated. A frustrated Vedanth asks her to move on in life, but her response irritates him further. She tries to blackmail him which infuriates him and asks him to come to meet her.

Ahalya threatens Vedanth to get engaged to her or else she will kill Amulya. Vedanth thinks of a way out of the problem created by Ahalya and calls Kanta. Furthermore, Kanta is surprised when Vedanth asks him to drive his car to a location that he shared with him. Elsewhere, Sarthak and Adya, on a bicycle, enjoy and rush to Vedanth’s engagement venue. Meanwhile, Vikrant, on a bullock cart, rushes to the engagement venue. Similarly, Amulya too rushes to the venue in an autorickshaw.

Suhasini rejoices thinking that Vedanth’s engagement will get cancelled. Manjunath worries about the engagement preparations. He is surprised on seeing Sarthak and Vikrant sleeping at the engagement venue. Vikrant and Sarthak suspect a trap to stop the engagement. Amulya arrives just when Parimala starts questioning everyone about her whereabouts. Her arrival irritates Suhasini. Everyone gets worried by the delay in Vedanth’s arrival. Parimala is surprised on seeing Amulya wearing the engagement ring as a pendant. Sarthak gets worried when he tries to call Vedanth but is unable to connect.

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