Gattimela 25 December 2020 Written Update: Vedanth’s plan to help Parimala and Manjunath

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December 24, 2020



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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Ranganna’s goons come and create a scene at Manjunath’s house. When they try to hurt Manjunath, Amulya interferes and slaps one of the goon. The furious goon pushes Amulya and she sustains an injury. Later, Vedanth is unable to stop worrying about Amulya.

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In the next episode of Gattimela, Dhruva returns home and is shocked on seeing an injured Amulya. He questions Amulya and her parents about what happened in his absence. Vedanth arrives at Amulya’s house and is surprised on seeing the food thrown outside her house. He gets furious on seeing an injured Amulya and questions her about the person who hurt her. Parimala tries to pacify a furious Vedanth. Manjunath informs Vedanth about Ranganna’s goons’ actions.

When Vedanth leaves to confront Ranganna, Amulya stops him and tries to reason with him. Amulya explains to Vedanth the consequences of his actions. Elsewhere, Suhasini questions Sarthak about Vedanth and Vikrant’s whereabouts. She gets furious on learning that Vedanth and Vikrant are at Parimala’s house. A worried Aarati questions Sarthak about the events that took place at Parimala’s house. Later, Suhasini wonders if Vedanth is in love with Amulya.

Dhruva tells Vedanth and Amulya that he has learnt about the reason behind Ranganna’s actions. Vedanth comes up with a solution for Manjunath and Parimala’s problem. Amulya apologises to Vedanth for dragging him in her problems. Vedanth’s response to this delights Amulya. Elsewhere, Vikrant reassures a worried Aarati. At night, Adithi, Anjali and Amulya discuss the events that took place at their house. The next day, Sridhar interferes when Suhasini bombards Vedanth with questions. Suhasini tells Vedanth that regularly visiting Amulya’s house can give society the wrong impression. Vedanth’s response to this infuriates Suhasini. One of Ranganna’s goon keeps an eye on Amulya’s family. Later, Amulya tells Adithi about Vedanth’s plan.

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