Gattimela 24 November 2021 Upcoming Story: Sarthak teases Amulya and Vedanth

While Amulya and Vedanth wait for their room to be readided, Sarthak and Vikrant tease the couple about their upcoming nuptial night, making the couple blush.


November 26, 2021


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In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth and Amulya look at each other and blush while waiting for their room to be readied. Sarthak and Vikrant arrive at the place where Vedanth and Amulya are sitting and disturb them. Later, the duo teases the couple about their upcoming nuptial night.

In the previous episode, we saw Suhasini and Amulya get into a mild argument when Suhasini mocks Amulya’s parents. Vedanth intervenes and stops Amulya from continuing the argument. Furthermore, Vaijayanti performs Amulya’s ‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual. During the same, a frustrated Suhasini ends up dropping the housekeys. But before she could pick the same, Dhruva picks them up and hands them over to Vaijayanti, who in turn gives them to Amulya. Vikrant and Dhruva get upset when Vedanth takes the keys from Amulya and gives them back to Suhasini.

Adya gets uneasy when Vaijayanti talks about children and asks her to question the same to Vedanth and Vikrant. Adya stops Amulya from entering the house and asks her to say a prose rhyming with Vedanth’s name and only then will she let her enter the house. Amulya’s words about how she is delighted about Vedanth’s family accepting her with open arms make Adya happy.

We also saw Vaijayanti talk to Vaidehi’s photograph about how Vedanth’s wedding was successfully completed. She also expresses her happiness about Amulya moving into their house and feels confident that she will very soon bring out Suhasini’s true face in front of Vedanth. Suhasini overhears Vaijayanti’s words and mocks her.

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