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Gattimela 24 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Amulya gets bored of her driving lesson


May 26, 2022

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Bored of continuously having to change the gear, Amulya cuts short her driving lesson and asks Vedanth to buy her an automatic car instead of a manual one.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth tells Amulya about the number of gears in his car and her questions irritate him. Vedanth is surprised when Amulya talks about driving the car only in 1st gear and she gets bored with changing gears. When Vedanth teases Amulya, she stops her driving lessons and tells asks him to buy her an automatic car instead of a manual one.

In the previous episode, we saw Vedanth reassure Amulya but unable to stop thinking about Aarati continuously suspecting Amulya of trying to harm her unborn child and decides to converse with Aarati about the same. Elsewhere, an elated Adithi returns home after spending time with Dhruva. She is surprised when Parimala questions her about visiting Aarati’s home and Adithi’s lie leaves Anjali confused. Furthermore, a confused Anjali asks Adithi if she really had gone to meet Aarati or her boyfriend.

At night, Adithi teases Parimala about her love for Manjunath and Parimala, in turn, teases Adithi about her future husband, leaving Adithi blushing. On seeing her parents’ love for each other, Adithi decides to learn to cook Dhruva’s favourite dishes and for the same, she calls Adya so that she can learn about Dhruva’s likes and dislikes.

We also saw Vedanth tell Amulya about having found a lady driver for her and surprising her with his decision to teach her to drive a car as he does not want her to be dependent on anyone else. Later, Vedanth begins Amulya’s driving lessons.

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