Gattimela 2 September 2021 Written Update: Kishan decides to teach Suhasini a lesson

Feeling insulted by Suhasini’s cruel words, Kishan decides to teach her a lesson and use Adya in his plan against Amulya and Vedanth.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth wins the race and makes the bikers apologise to Amulya for their rude behaviour. Elsewhere, Dhruva saves Adithi from Kishan’s goons and thrashes them. During the fight Dhruva gets injured and Kishan arrives there to save him from the goons, thus succeeding in his plan and impressing Parimala and Manjunath.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Aarati looks at two photo frames, one with her picture with Vikrant and the other a family photograph. She recalls the priest’s words about how the new person joining their family will be the root for all the future problems and wonders if that person will be Amulya. Aarati thinks about how to stop Amulya from marrying Vedanth if what the priest said is true and Amulya will only bring bad luck to Vedanth’s family. Aarati wonders how will her parents, sisters, and society react to her trying to stop Amulya’s wedding. While she is thinking about how Amulya will react, the latter arrives there.

Amulya looks at the photo frame Aarati is looking at compliments them. She talks about how in their maternal home they used to spend hours, late at night, talking about their day. Amulya talks about how her parents and sisters will feel lonely when she gets married and that sometimes thinking about missing them she wishes she could avoid marriage. Hearing this, Aarati offhandedly asks her to stay in their maternal house, shocking Amulya. During playful mischief, Amulya mistakenly breaks Aarati and Vikrant’s photo frame, making Aarati angry. Seeing the broken photo frame, Aarati decides to find out if Amulya will really bring bad luck to her family or not so that she can protect them. Suhasini watches Aarati and rejoices thinking that her plan is working.

Kishan looks at Parimala and Manjunath’s photograph and thinks about how his actions the previous day impressed the couple. He then thinks of a way to separate Amulya and Vedanth, so that he can get her. He thinks of a trump card that he can use to impress Amulya and decides to use Adya for the same. While he is contemplating a plan, Suhasini calls him and rebukes him for not being able to do anything to help her move her plan forward. He tells her that planning will take time, due to which he is waiting for the right moment. When she continues to insult him, Kishan gets furious. Suhasini is surprised when Kishan asks her details about Adya. A furious Kishan decides to teach Suhasini a lesson for trying to underestimate him.

Elsewhere, Vedanth agrees to take Amulya shopping when she suggests the same. Adya arrives there and reminds Vedanth of his promise to take her shopping. Vaijayanti arrives there when Adya suggests that Vedanth take Amulya shopping. Vaijayanti comments about the love between her family members and prays that it continues for a lifetime. Hearing her words, Vedanth tells everyone how Adya always supported his and Amulya’s relationship and how over time Amulya has become an important part of his family. At Amulya’s house, Parimala asks Adithi to search for her notes in her room. When Adithi goes to her room, Parimala remembers that she had hidden her medical report in her room and gets worried. In Parimala’s room, Adithi finds Parimala’s medical report and tries to check the same, but is stopped. Elsewhere, Vedanth takes Amulya and Adya to a saree showroom. When they get busy selecting and rejecting sarees, Vedanth gets bored.

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