Gattimela 2 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Vedanth’s family’s love for each other

Vaijayanti notices Adya and Amulya giving importance to each other and talks about how her family’s love for each other delights her.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth agrees to go with Amulya when she suggests going shopping. Adya arrives there and reminds Vedanth about his promise to take her shopping. Learning about this, Amulya cancels her plan and asks Vedanth to take Adya shopping, but Adya in turn asks Vedanth to take Amulya shopping. Vaijayanti notices this and comments about how they all love and respect each other.

Vedanth reveals that Adya was the first person whom he told about Amulya and she was delighted to learn about it. Similarly, he also states that, even though they are not yet married, Amulya loves his family as much as she loves her own family. Vaijayanti prays that the family always remain united and continue to love each other.

In the previous episode, we saw that Vedanth won the race and got the bikers to apologise to Amulya for their rude behaviour.

Kishan’s plan derails when Dhruva comes to Adithi’s rescue at Parimala’s canteen. During the fight, Adithi professes her love to Dhruva and his response leaves her confused. When one of the goons injures Dhruva, Kishan comes to his rescue, and Parimala thanks him for the same.

We also saw how Suhasini got furious at seeing the unity between Dhruva, Vedanth, and Vikrant. Dhruva notices Suhasini’s jealousy and thinks about how he will soon reveal her deceit and oust her from the house.

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