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Gattimela 2 June 2022 Written Update: Amulya completes the votive offering


June 1, 2022

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Amulya walks on her knees and completes the votive offering by completing the 108 rounds around the temple and gets the ‘prasad’ from the temple’s priest.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya starts walking on her knees to complete the votive offering on Parimala’s behalf. Elsewhere, Vaijayanti gets emotional on hearing the tune that Vaidehi hums.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, due to Vaijayanti’s emotional request, Vaidehi decides to tell her the truth about her identity. Suhasini passes from Vaijayanti’s room and hears Vaijayanti asking Vaidehi about her identity and stops Vaidehi from revealing the truth. Vaijayanti gets confused when Suhasini sings the lullaby and lies to her about her singing the same. At the temple, Amulya completes 108 rounds on her knees around the team. When her legs wobble on standing, Vedanth rushes to her and offers his support.

The temple’s priest performs a puja after Amulya completes the votive offering and gives the ‘prasad’. The priest asks Amulya to prepare a sweet dish and offer it to Aarati so that Aarati and her child will remain safe. Elsewhere, Vaijayanti gets emotional thinking about Suhasini, while Suhasini looks at Vaidehi and talks about their deceased family member. Furthermore, Vaijayanti is surprised on hearing Suhasini talking sweet about Vaidehi and questions her about it.

Suhasini berates Vaidehi for trying to tell Vaijayanti the truth. Vaidehi apologises to Suhasini and promises to not reveal the truth and urges her to not harm her children. Suhasini is surprised on seeing Vedanth carrying Amulya home and gets irked. Amulya feels shy when Vedanth tends to her legs. Elsewhere, Parimala is surprised when Adithi tells her about her wish to walk on her knees at the temple just like Amulya. On being asked by Parimala, Adithi tells her that she wishes to do so to pray for her friend’s wellbeing. Meanwhile, Amulya offers Aarati the ‘prasad’, and Vikrant questions Aarati when she hesitates to accept it. Later, Amulya’s loving words move Aarati.

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