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Gattimela 18 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Amulya and Vedanth’s hilarious argument


May 26, 2022

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Vedanth and Amulya have a hilarious argument about Vedanth’s wish to not share the bed and his wardrobe with anyone and she leaves Vedanth surprised with her strange suspicions.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth gets annoyed on seeing Amulya’s clothes scattered on the bed and he gathers them up and throws them into a corner of the room. Amulya returns to the bedroom and questions Vedanth about her clothes and teases him by asking if he sold them. Amulya gets annoyed and berates Vedanth when he states that the bed and the wardrobe belong to him and that he does not wish to share the same with anyone else. Later, Vedanth is surprised when Amulya tells him her suspicions about his plans to get re-married to someone else.

In the previous episode, we saw Suhasini insult the snack bought by Parimala stating that they do not match her family’s standards to which Amulya gives her a fitting reply. Before leaving, Parimala and Manjunath meet Dhruva and get emotional on seeing his condition. Adithi also spends an emotional moment with Dhruva and talks about her love for him.

During a discussion in the office, Vedanth learns about the videotape found by Prajwal which may have a clue about his birth mother and is surprised when Prajwal reveals that the videotape went missing after Dhruva’s accident. Vedanth wonders if the missing videotape is somehow connected to the mysterious woman responsible for his family’s trouble.

We also saw Suhasini try to lay a trap for Amulya and showcase as if Amulya wishes to harm Aarati’s unborn child. Later, Vedanth berates Amulya when Suhasini informs him about Amulya giving a glass of pineapple juice to a pregnant Aarati.

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