Gattimela 17 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Amulya shares her suspicions with Vedanth

After reflecting on her near-miss accident, Amulya shares her suspicions with Vedanth about someone trying to kill her. Amulya’s words surprise Vedanth.


September 15, 2021


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In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth questions Amulya about how she didn’t notice the van following her. She tells him that she was busy talking to her scooter. Furthermore, she expresses her doubts that someone is trying to kill her, surprising Vedanth.

In the previous episode, we saw, in order to gain an upper hand, Suhasini decides to manipulate Vedanth. Suhasini tries to give Vedanth a gift by stating that she may not be in his house by the time he gets married. Furthermore, she tries to emotionally blackmail him by bringing up the topic of her not being his birth mother and how his siblings may never accept her as their mother once they learn the truth. Suhasini gloats when an emotional Vedanth tries to reassure her that nothing can change his love and respect for her.

Elsewhere, Kishan’s goon tampers Amulya’s scooter when she visits her friends to invite them to her wedding. When Amulya starts pushing her scooter, she fails to notice the van closely following her, which is being driven by Kishan’s goon.

We also saw, Vedanth arrive in the nick of time and save Amulya from being run over by the van. Kishan praises his goon for instilling the fear of dying in Amulya’s mind and thinks about the success of his plan. Meanwhile, on being asked by Amulya, Vedanth tells her how he got restless when he found her engagement ring in his house, due to which he was calling her and was able to arrive in time to save her from the accident.

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