Gattimela 16 September 2021 Written Update: Vedanth saves Amulya from an accident

Kishan’s goon tries to run over Amulya in a van but Vedanth arrives in the nick of time and saves her from the accident. Kishan praises his goon for instilling fear in Amulya’s mind.


September 15, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth is surprised when Amulya sneaks into his room and expresses her love for him. Vaijayanti confronts Suhasini for trying to burn Vedanth’s wedding invitation card and threatens to get her arrested for her past crimes.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, noticing Amulya’s missed calls, Vedanth calls her back, wherein she rebukes him for not answering her calls. Vedanth is surprised when Amulya tells him that he is her best friend and invites him to her wedding. Vedanth goes along with Amulya’s act. When Amulya states that she is scared of visiting his house as she is afraid of him kissing her, he teases her about the same. Later, Vedanth and Amulya recall all the moments spent together.

Suhasini decides to show Vikrant and Dhruva that Vedanth will never hear any negative talks against her. She goes to Vedanth’s room and puts up an act in front of him. She gives him a gift and states that she might be not there for his wedding as she may go away from him. She tells him that no one is involving her in his wedding activities. Vedanth gets emotional when Suhasini brings up the topic of her not being his birth mother. Vedanth tells her that her not being his birth mother won’t change his respect and love for her. Suhasini states that his siblings might not accept her as their mother when they learn the truth and might be in the future such things might cause problems between her and Amulya.

Suhasini rejoices when Vedanth addresses her as his mother and complains that Vaijayanti may send her away from him. Elsewhere, Amulya visits a few of her friends and invites them to her wedding. She also praises Vedanth in front of her friends. While Amulya talks to her friends, Kishan’s goon punctures the tyre of her scooter.

Amulya ignores Vedanth’s call and starts pushing her scooter. Kishan’s goon calls him and informs him about the same. While Amulya is busy cursing her bike, she fails to notice a van following her, which is being driven by one of Kishan’s goons. Vedanth arrives at the scene and intercepts the van but before he could confront the driver he runs away. Amulya gets scared when Vedanth tells her about the van trying to run her over. Kishan praises his goon for instilling fear in Amulya’s mind and gloats about the success of his plan.

Vedanth tries to reassure Amulya when she gets scared thinking about the accident that he stopped from taking place. When Amulya talks about death, Vedanth states that he will never let any harm come to her. Amulya then questions Vedanth about how he arrived at the right moment. Vedanth tells her how he found her engagement ring in his house and called her and learned about her bike’s malfunction and he arrived at the location she stated she is at.

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