Gattimela 15 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Amulya sneaks into Vedanth’s room

To expresses her love for Vedanth, Amulya sneaks into his room.


September 13, 2021


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In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth is surprised when Amulya sneaks into his room and locks the door. He questions Amulya about her actions and asks her to keep her distance from him as he doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand them.

Amulya kisses Vedanth and expresses her love for him. Later, he rebukes her when she starts screaming as he leaves traces of turmeric on her face.

In the previous episode, we saw Suhasini rejoice about the success of her plan when she burnt the wedding invitation kept for the puja. She then continues to scare Aarati about how the wedding invitation getting burnt is a sign from God that Amulya should not get married to Vedanth. Hearing these words and recalling Suhasini’s nightmare about Amulya being widowed, Aarati announces her decision to stop Amulya and Vedanth’s wedding, delighting Suhasini.

Vikrant suspects Aarati and Suhasini for trying to burn the wedding invitation and questions them about the same. Aarati rebukes Vikrant for suspecting them. Later, Suhasini lies to Vikrant when he questions her about her injured finger.

We also saw Suhasini get irritated when Vedanth asks her to perform the puja of the wedding invitations brought by Manjunath. Adding to her irritation, Vaijayanti asks Suhasini to give Amulya’s family the first wedding invitation. At that moment, Amulya notices Suhasini’s injured finger and wonders about the same.

Later, Dhruva is surprised when Vikrant shows him Vedanth’s photograph that he found in an old file. They contemplate that the woman, whose face has been blackened, might be Vedanth’s biological mother.

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