Gattimela 14 December 2020 Written Update: Suhasini is infuriated when Aarati returns home

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December 14, 2020



2 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth overcomes his fear and celebrates Diwali with everyone. Meanwhile, Dhruva is shocked when Adithi confesses her love to him. Dhruva’s reaction to her confession leaves Adithi furious. Later, Vedanth learns about Vikrant and Aarati’s fight.

Watch what will happen next on Gattimela:

In the next episode of Gattimela, Vikrant tells Vedanth the reason behind the fight between him and Aarati. Vikrant tells Vedanth he doesn’t care about the reason behind Aarati taking the money but he is upset about Aarati hiding her problems from him. Vedanth uses Dhruva as an example to reason with Vikrant. Vedanth explains to Vikrant that problems arise in every relationship, but it’s important that we don’t let those problems cause issues between loved ones.

Adya’s talks about introducing her friend Suhas to Amulya leaves Amulya shocked and worried. Amulya tries to change the topic without revealing about her and Vedanth’s relationship. Amulya’s flustered reaction delights Adya. Elsewhere, Parimala is delighted on seeing the utensils bought by Manjunath for their upcoming business.

At the farmhouse, everyone is delighted when Vikrant talks about taking Aarati back to his house. Vikrant gives Vedanth the credit for reuniting him and Aarati. Everyone is surprised when Amulya talks about going to Vedanth’s house. Later, Suhasini is infuriated when Aarati returns home, while Vaijayanti and Sridhar are delighted about it.

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