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Gattimela 13 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Vedanth finds Amulya’s ring


October 13, 2021

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At the location sent by Vikrant, Vedanth finds a piece of Amulya’s bangle and Amulya’s ring and starts to get emotional when he recalls the day he got engaged to Amulya.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Kanta finds a piece of a bangle and shows it to Vedanth who recognises it to be Amulya’s. Vedanth is then shocked when Kanta shows him the ring that he found and he recalls the day of his and Amulya’s engagement. They believe that the goons may not have taken Amulya too far and decides to continue their search.

In the previous episode, we saw Vikrant’s friend trace the location of the person who had called Suhasini. Vikrant and Dhruva decide a way to locate Amulya and at the same time stop Suhasini from calling the goons. Kanta accompanies Vedanth to search for Amulya and tries to boost his morale when he starts to feel dejected thinking about Amulya’s safety.

Elsewhere, Suhasini gets irritated when Dhruva stands guard outside her room and keeps following her around the house, thus stopping her from contacting her goons to warn them. At Parimala’s house, the cops’ questions about Amulya’s wedding make Parimala uneasy.

We also saw Vedanth and Kanta arrive at the location where Amulya is being held captive. Vedanth’s mother rejoices when she senses Vedanth’s presence and prays for him to rescue her from Suhasini’s captivity. Vedanth and Kanta split and search the location but fail to locate Amulya. Later, Kanta points out a few things which make him and Vedanth believe that the goons have recently moved Amulya to a different location. Vedanth also finds a sim card and Amulya’s amulet and decides to continue to search for her.

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