Gattimela 13 July 2021 Written Update: Amulya kisses Vedanth

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July 13, 2021



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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth is shocked when Sarthak tells him about Adya’s strange request. When Adya refuses to eat, Vedanth feeds her. Amulya tries to get Vikrant and Sarthak to execute her plan against Vedanth.

In the next episode of Gattimela, Adya looks at her childhood pictures and wonders why she is unable to recall her childhood events. Vaijayanti arrives at Adya’s room and is delighted on seeing the childhood pictures. She tells Adya how Suhasini was always busy and didn’t have time to look after her and her siblings. Vaijayanti thinks how all her grandchildren consider Suhasini to be a good person when in fact she is the one who poses grave danger to them.

Vedanth is surprised when all his employees wish him a good morning. Kanta’s talks about Vedanth flirting with the receptionist irritates Vedanth. When Kanta urges him to enter the office, Vedanth refuses to budge and wait outside till the clock strikes 11 am. Elsewhere, the stranger who had shared his worries with Parimala arrives at her house. Parimala is delighted when he tells her how after she prayed for his son’s wellbeing, his son got a kidney donor.

Amulya shares her plan with Vikrant and Sarthak, leaving them stressed. They tell her about the dangers of her plan. Elsewhere, Vaijayanti sees an old photograph and gets emotional. Suhasini is surprised on seeing Vaijayanti crying and questions her about the same. Suhasini rebukes her for taking out old photographs. Vaijayanti rebukes Suhasini and asks her to stay away from the photograph. At the office, Vedanth is surprised on seeing his cabin being organised. Later, Vedanth is surprised when Amulya kisses him.

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