Gattimela 12 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Vicky Stands In Support Of The Manjunaths

In tonight’s episode, when Suhasini constantly keeps insulting the Manjunaths at the temple, Vicky does the unthinkable! He also summons Vedanth there

Parinika Uchil

August 12, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth informs Vicky about his cabin still being prepared and asks him to adjust in the mini-conference room, just after insulting Amulya. Aarthi calls Vicky just as he is settling into his temporary office to inform him that no one from his house has come with a marriage proposal yet. He assures he will fix it and goes to Ammu for help. Amulya, who goes to Vedanth for help, rejects her pleas upfront. Later, Amulya, Aadya and Sarthak make a plan to ensure that the Vashishtas and Manjunaths visit the temple on Nagarapanchami.

On tonight’s episode, Aarthi’s sisters are shocked when she screams at them for fighting and goes to sit on the bed. When Amulya finds out that Aarthi is worried about the conversation Vicky had with her, the former comfort her and asks her not to worry as she has a plan. Upon listening to the plan, Aarthi thankfully hugs Amulya and all the sisters have some fun time together. Elsewhere, Vedanth is furious to find out from Aadya that going to the temple was Amulya’s idea.

Vedanth Scolds Amulya For Simply Taking A Leave
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To ensure she doesn’t take unnecessary leaves, he calls her up and asks her to follow work polices by first applying before taking a leave. Amulya tries to reason with him but fails. The next day, Sarika is surprised to know that Aadya and Sarthak are headed to the temple. She notices something fishy about Aadya and realises that they are concocting some plan. Elsewhere, Amulya and her family find trouble trying to pay off the auto-rickshaw driver due with an old hundred rupee note but fail.

A Proud Still Of Suhasini
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To taunt them Suhasini appears out of nowhere with a two thousand rupee note and asks the auto-driver to keep the change much to his surprise. She continues to talk to the auto-driver by indirectly throwing more taunts to the Manjunath family. After Vicky defuses the situation a little, Parimala tries to bring up the engagement topic in front of everyone but Suhasini stops her and asks everyone to go in first. Once inside, Parimala and her family are further insulted when the priest doesn’t even look at them when Suhasini enters the temple.

A Praying Still Of Amulya Manjunath
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While Amulya prays that Vicky and his mother get some good sense, Suhasini promises in a soliloquy that she will ensure that Vicky never marries Aarthi. Soon, a desperate Vicky calls Vedanth, who is on his way to an important client meeting and asks him to reach the temple at any cost. The pooja begins at the temple in full swing and yet again the Vashishtas get the aarthi first, much to Parimala’s sadness. While the priest praises Vicky and Aarthi’s pair, Suhasini informs everyone that the date fixing for the engagement will be done in their house.

A Still Of The Vashishtas And The Manjunaths At The Temple
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Parimala immediately interrupts and informs her that according to traditions, the groom’s side family visits the bride’s house to fix the date. When Suhasini starts throwing tantrums Vicky finally stands up to his mother and convinces to accept Parimala’s ways. During this time, Sarika arrives there and is shocked to see what is happening.

What is Sarika’s plan of action now? Will Vedanth come to the temple to save the day? Stay tuned to find out.

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